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An individual experience crafted just for you.

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When you first arrive at The Lomi Room, you'll be invited to leave the outside world behind, take a seat and have a short chat with Naomi about how you're doing and what you'd like to get from the session.  If it's your first visit, Naomi orientates you by explaining a few things to help you feel confident to relax into the process.

Towards the end of your session, Naomi may suggest things for you to do at home to support your health and wellbeing and relevant to what came up for you.  If it's your visit Naomi will contact you several days later to check in with how you're feeling and this is a good time to ask any lingering questions.

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30-min intro, 60-min, 75-min or 90-min

Lomi lomi is the ancient Hawaiian art of massage.  In true Hawaiian aloha spirit, it's given with loving hands and a loving heart, creating a safe space to let go and return to being your best self.

Lomi lomi is gentle yet deep.  Using long flowing strokes, lomi lomi works through the layers to release blockages and improve circulation.  Lomi lomi does not force the body to release if it's not ready so inflammation is minimised.  That means you're less likely to feel bruised and sore afterwards and without the need for recovery you can return to sports and activities sooner.  If your aim is to relieve tension in the body, you'll experience "good pain" that occurs when the pressure releases the layers.  

Lomi lomi helps the body to return to its natural physical and energetic alignment - you are more than your aches and pains and lomi lomi connects with you as a whole person.   

In keeping with traditional practices prayer, chanting and song are also used to move energies.  Sometimes natural elements such as sticks and stones are used which adds another dimension to the massage.  Lomi lomi isn't just a massage, it's a lifestyle whereby we understand how everyday actions such as meals, thoughts and activity can serve to give us thriving good health.

By the end of a lomi lomi you will feel relaxed, centered and more like yourself.  There is some more information about lomi lomi in FAQ. If you're not ready to commit to a full lomi lomi, my 30-minute experience is specially designed for newcomers to The Lomi Room who want to dip their

 their toe in first!  Check out the details when you BOOK.

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Lomi 'ili 'ili is a traditional Hawaiian massage practice of using heated stones.  This is a gentle way to melt tension away and heated stones feel so good!

During lomi 'ili 'ili, stones of varying sizes are heated and that heat is applied directly and indirectly.  The heat helps tight muscles to relax while improving the flow of blood to the areas, encouraging healing nutrients to enter and toxins to exit.  While the stones are super hot, Naomi transfers heat from the stones to her hands to warm the body, preparing it to receive the stones directly.  Then the stones are applied and moved about in a similar way you would experience lomi lomi.  Sometimes, stones may be placed on the body to let the heat radiate into a specific area.

Why stones?  The earth is more than 4.5 billion years old and stones have been there for all of it!  There is deep wisdom in stones that can help us.  In keeping with traditional Hawaiian practice, the stones at The Lomi Room have been collected with permission and in ceremony and are treated with the utmost respect as an independent entity that will be returned to the place they were collected from when they have finished sharing their healing wisdom with us.

In a 60-minute appointment, you'll receive lomi 'ili 'ili to your back, neck and shoulders, upper arms, legs and hip/glutes.  By the end of a lomi 'ili 'ili you will feel relaxed, warm and refreshed.  

1-1 Services: Treatments
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Kinesiology uses muscle testing to support the process of balancing energies in the body. 

Your body is wise and it knows what it needs to return to harmony.  Muscle testing is a simple bio-feedback tool using the physiology of muscles to connect with the body's innate wisdom so you can understand what needs to change to move towards good health.  The benefit is that it offers clarity and direction for people who are confused or unsure because of being "in their head".

Kinesiology is holistic and can include any combination of physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual treatments.  Some examples are nutrition/supplements, flower essences, trigger points, emotional stress release, meridian therapy and more.  This allows for a wide variety of solutions to be on offer so that the wise part of you can access what it needs.

At your first appointment we discuss your history and what you want to achieve so that a clear plan can be created.  A clear goal is written for each session which helps to focus on the priority - especially when there are lots of things going on.  It's likely that multiple kinesiology sessions will be needed (usually between 3-5 visits).

1-1 Services: Treatments
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About lomi lomi and kinesiology

We've known Naomi for about 15 years.
Naomi is very professional, an expert at what she does; addresses any issues that need to be dealt with and you always come away with good advice, feeling relaxed and so much better each time.


Naomi takes the time to tune in to what your needs are and with the guides of spirit, skillfully zones in to what is required - not just to ease muscular aches and pains but emotional and spiritual blockages that prevent you moving forward in your life.

Karen Bush

I would say a big yes and suggest anyone with aches and pains to let your wonderful hands go over their stressed out body and relieve them from muscle tension.
A very happy client.


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