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Aloha, kia ora, hello.

Aloha, kia ora, hello.  My ancestral homelands are in Europe including France, England, Scotland and Ireland and I was born and raised in Auckland.  My curiosity to understand health and wellbeing was fueled by a love of dance and adventure sports and later my appreciation for the spiritual realm grew.

My formal training in health began in 2005 with Kinesiology.  I was then drawn to the indigenous healing arts of Aotearoa and Hawai'i, becoming a student of lomi lomi in 2010.  I'm deeply grateful for the learning and growth I've received - but the learning never ends!  I embrace the lomi lifestyle and return to Hawaii often  to stay connected to the origin of these beautiful practices.  

The Lomi Room is located in Orakei and is a a safe space where people can return to their natural state of wellness.

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Meet Naomi: About The Spa
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Facilitator, Space-holder, Seeker

It’s been said that I was born a fiercely independent child. 

So, it was a natural progression having secured my first steady job and paid off my first car, that I would seek to buy a house.  To save money, I sacrificed some of the freedom twenty-somethings long for, but it was worth it and in my early adult years, my courage was forged by long-distance ocean swimming - aka a deep exploration of thoughts about sharks. 

Being young, female and single with a goal to buy a house attracted cynicism disguised as “advice”.  When I waivered, my ancestors guided me.  After the deal was done, I settled into a beanbag in the lounge – the only furniture my budget would allow – well pleased that my staunch independence had won again.  But too much of anything can be trouble and like the beanbag, I felt myself being swallowed by my independence and it became a struggle to get out.

 My wrestle with over-independence was a signal from my life that I Turn Up to expand and grow.  And keep turning up – not for others but myself.   I tried to check out with the usual distractions.  I needed to develop a new kind of courage – more open-hearted and self-loving.  Now, there are days when having courage feels like flying.  And there are days when it feels like swimming with sharks, my over-independence takes control and I want to tell myself the lie that I don’t need to Turn Up for myself today. 

I have good news:  to Turn Up your hair doesn’t have to be done just right and your t-shirt ironed.  It just requires you to turn up.  Hair unbrushed, in your track pants.  Ready to do the work. 

My journey of turning up for myself has shown me that you need to have people around you who can hold space.  It allowed me to go deeper into the shadows, kept me real and helped me to see new perspectives. 

If you Turned Up for yourself. every. day. despite anxiety or pain how would your life change?  I am ready and waiting to hold space for you to do your work, all you need to do is turn up. 

Meet Naomi: About


If you've read this far, I bet you'd like to know exactly what qualifies me to do this work.  I totally get it!  It's important to me that you get a clear picture so that by the time you arrive at The Lomi Room, you can relax knowing you're in safe hands.  

My health education

  • Started learning lomi lomi in 2010 (this education is perpetual)

  • Officially "blessed" by my Kumu (Hawaiian massage teacher) in 2014 to offer my lomi lomi services publicly.

  • NZQA L7 Diploma in Professional Kinesiology Practice


I appreciate that the natural health industry is unregulated and uses self-registration systems.  The best I can do to show you that I will provide the highest standard of care and stand behind my work is to belong to associations.  My current memberships are:

  • 'Ahahui Lomilomi Hawai'i

  • Massage New Zealand

  • Kinesiology Practitioners Accreditation Board

Being a practitioner of traditional Hawaiian healing arts, I wholeheartedly acknowledge that I'm most accountable to my ancestors, my teachers and the many who have gone before them.  

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