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Welcome, reader of The Squeeze

This page has been created exclusively for you.  

I deeply appreciate the opportunity to learn in lomi lomi, massage and business.  One way that I can show my gratitude is to play it forward

with this resource.  2024 is turning out to be a squeeze on finances

and my hope is that by reading and/or using this resource you might find

the inspiration or solution you're looking for.

Arohanui, Naomi 

Teaching clinic 00_edited.jpg

Teaching Clinics in Auckland

Did you know that Auckland has a number of teaching clinics? 

They are spaces where students can gain experience delivering professional services in a supervised environment.  People who want to support these students on their learning journey, or receive health services at a reduced price can book appointments for the services below.  

I have added two extra resources that aren't teaching clinics:

A community romi romi (Maori massage) clinic. 

A digital money management tool. 

Alohanui, Naomi 

Not A Teaching Clinic But Still Useful

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