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Facilitating safe spaces for you to grow and thrive at work.

The Lomi Room @ Work brings the principles of wellness into workplaces to support teams'

well-being and growth to enable a fulfilling and connected life at work.  

The Lomi Room @ Work: Welcome
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Managing staff well-being can be like a wheelbarrow full of frogs… it’s chaotic!  Organisations want to support the well-being of their people but also have business to attend to.  Staff wellness is important because it correlates to focus, decision-making, confidence, job satisfaction, productivity and more. 


A bit about The Lomi Room @ Work’s experiences. The Lomi Room @ Work thinks that participants should come out of wellness-centric activities feeling better than when they started.  That’s why all sessions are structured to make learning fun and easy.  We co-create a safe space for reflection and your team is guided to connect, step back and focus on well-being as a whole so that they can assess and drive their own growth based on where they’re at.  To honour diverse learning styles the approach is experiential, collaborative and interactive.  We break away from the traditional workshop layout and incorporate play and fun whenever possible.


Workshops are in alignment with Hauora and the Te Whare Tapa Wha model which is the foundation for conversations about physical, mental, spiritual and social health.  A hauora approach to employee wellness is important because it gives us a way to consider the needs of the whole person who comes to work, not just the work persona you see.


The Lomi Room at Work has extensive experience delivering professional development workshops to people in organisations throughout Aotearoa.  From corporate organisations including banks, telcos and accounting firms to other types of organisations such as schools, construction companies and government agencies – they all benefit from the experience.


The content has been developed by Naomi based on her experience and knowledge within the learning and development and natural health industries. There are some Hawaiian elements in my workshops - her Hawaiian teachers say that the spirit of aloha is what the world needs and she honours the traditions of these teachers. 


Wrap-around services are provided because Naomi knows what is needed to achieve your goals and she will work with you to set the event up for success.  The process is 3 easy steps:


1.  We talk about your needs so that you can confidently choose the workshop.  If you are considering a larger roll-out we can decide whether a formal learning needs analysis is required.  You book a workshop and a date.

2.  We have a briefing meeting, agreeing on outcomes and how success will be measured. We will discuss how your leaders will embed the workshop to maximise the benefits of your investment.

3.  Naomi will provide a logistics run sheet and communications for you to share with participants explaining the event and what to expect.  


Naomi can help your staff connect and enhance wellness.  Contact The Lomi Room to discuss how we can work together to get your frogs back in the wheelbarrow.


The Lomi Room @ Work brings the principles of wellness into workplaces to support teams' wellbeing and growth to enable a fulfilling and connected life at work.  

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The Get Together

There are many occasions that call for team togetherness.  Get Together is a light, fun and interactive experience designed for connection, reflection and celebration.  Laughter and play is the order for this day!

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Makahiki workshop

Your team to connect beyond the level of business-as-usual and key in to meaningful conversations about what matters most.  Click for more information...

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Re-Group Workshop

This is a chance for your team to take a breath and get in touch with how you're really doing. 

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